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Best Easy-Care Roses to Grow

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Best Easy-Care Roses to Grow

A couple of decades ago, it was unheard of for an amateur to have a dozen roses in their garden. Roses often get a bad reputation for being hard to grow, hard to manage, and even harder to bloom beautiful rose bushes. But, don`t worry. Nowadays, there are plenty of easy-care roses to chose from! Growing roses in your own garden easier than it used to be.

So, get on your gardening clothes and stop and smell these easy-care roses!
What Are the Best Roses to Grow?

Days are long gone where only florists could grow garden roses. This new era of roses has brought in roses that are more resistant to cold and disease. Developers have even worked to improve the look and smell of garden roses. Flowers are a lot more no-fuss than they used to be, but you have to look for the right roses still, of course.

When you go to buy roses, make sure to look for disease resistance, cold hardiness, aroma and continuous bloom on the labels. These are the best types of roses to grow.
The Best Easy-Care Roses

1. Brilliant Pink Iceberg

The name of these roses pretty much says it all. Brilliant Pink Iceberg roses have a great continuity throughout the season and maintain their bright pink color all through the season. They were introduced in 2001 and have gotten great rose reception since their release.

2. Flower Carpet Coral

These flowers were introduced by Anthony Tesselaar, a big name in gardening, especially after releasing these roses. Like the Brilliant Pink Iceberg, they have a nearly continuous bloom. These garden roses are a nice coral pink color and grow close to the ground.

3. Graham Thomas

One of the well-known David Austin roses, this flower has a signature old-fashioned look, with lots of bright yellow petals. It has a very strong scent that travels throughout the garden, but don’t worry, it’s still a nice scent. They’re also characterized as being very hardy and strong.

4. New Dawn Rose

This climbing rose is known has being one of the most robust. Don’t let its hardiness fool you, though. It has a sweet smell, too. Another benefit is that it reblooms all season and has a light pink color, being called a fairy-tale like rose, and it sure looks like it.

5. The Endeavor Rose

The watermelon-peach color of this rose’s flowers fit it well, as it thrives best in summer heat. It’s another David Austin rose and has a unique smell, having been described as “spicy.” It has the classic, old-fashioned look that Austin’s roses are known for.

6. Pink Knock Out

This is a pale pink mutation of a previous breed of knock out roses, expect a better, new-and-improved version. It’s rugged with a continuous bloom, and really does have the pink color that you would expect from a name like “Pink Knock Out,” and has a unique scent as well.

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