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Makeup on acne

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Update: 2017-07-12 09:00:58
Makeup on acne

However, the right product can, not just camouflage your acne marks but also lend an elusive iridescence to your skin.

Dr Sama Rais, consultant dermatologist and cosmetologist says that if one is suffering from mild acne one must preferably apply light makeup like a daily-wear foundation and a concealer which is non-comedogenic. She adds, When you have acne you should avoid clogging of pores and so, must not use heavy makeup that cakes up on your face. However, she cautions, In the initial phase, while undergoing treatments, it is best to avoid makeup till the eruptions settle a bit.

In the later course of the treatment when you have only acne marks left on your skin, experts say, that it is completely okay to wear light makeup. Covering marks with makeup could also boost one's confidence.

Dr Poonam Wadhwani, cosmetic dermatologist says, For acne prone skin always apply makeup, which is paraben-free or oil-free or lanolin-free and non-comedogenic. Choosing the right product is essential, emphasises Dr Wadhwani. She adds, If one has oily skin, one should never use a creamy, hydrating moisturiser. Rather, one should use a primer, a good foundation and then dust powder on top of it.

Dermatologist Dr Geeta Oberoi calls attention to using minimal makeup on skin that has acne. She states, Use light makeup to just conceal the marks during the day. But you need to make sure to keep your face makeup free at night or when at home, to avoid clogging of pores. Dr Oberoi also cautions, Do not use oil as a makeup remover if you have acne. Opt for a double cleansing with a cleanser to remove makeup followed by a medicated face wash.

Source: Times of India 

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