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5 things women notice about men on first date

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Update: 2017-07-07 08:47:17
 5 things women notice about men on first date

you reached bang on time to pick her up and have dressed to impress. But there are certain things that a woman notices on your first date and makes an impression about you. 

From your body language to the way to treat the staff of the restaurant to even your nails, your girl is taking a note of all these things. So if you really want to impress her and want a guaranteed second date, then remember these small little things before embarking on the beautiful first date.

1. Your nails and hair Though this may sound very cliched, and weird to many men, but women do notice how clean and hygiene are your nails and how kempt your hair are. No matter how smartly and suave you look, dirty nails and unkempt hair are a turn off.

2. What you order There are chances that what you order might not suit her tastebuds or vice-a-versa, but the whole idea is do you take her concern before placing her order or just assume that whatever you have ordered she will like it Ask for her concern and preferences before placing an order.

3. Sense of humour Remember one thing, no matter how smart, rich and sophisticated you are, if your sense of humour is missing she isn't going to be interested in a second date. A woman invariably always falls for a man who can make her laugh. Avoid dirty, sexist, crude jokes.

4. Text messages Yes, we all eagerly wait for that text message after a great date that states how fun the date was. But using loads of emoticons or using slang, or using wrong English and punctuations is surely a turn off. The next time you send a message make sure that you keep it simple, straight, correct English and minimal emoticons.

5. How you talk to waiters For many calling a waiter, 'aye waiter,' 'oyyee,' or simply whistling is their way of calling waiters in restaurants. Firstly, waiters aren't anyone's personal servants. They deserve the same respect as you, and importantly they are doing their job, so go easy on the waiter talk. Also calling them without respect won't gain any place in our hearts.

Source: Times of India 


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