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Gift Ideas for New Dads

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Update: 2013-09-04 06:30:40
Gift Ideas for New Dads

While the birth itself is an exciting event, the anticipation and celebration prior to the big day is almost as important. Most buzz is around the expecting mother, including the preparation and hosting of the traditional baby shower. Sometimes, the expecting dad is forgotten in the craziness of pregnancy, so here are ways to show him some love.

We have some gift ideas for new dads!

Back to work: Typically, the father doesn’t have the luxury of leave to enjoy the presence of his newborn. This is why getting him a specially decorated “new dad” tie is the perfect gift. Now he, along with all his coworkers, can continue the celebration back in the work world.

Delivery day gear: Robert Nickell established his own product, Daddy Scrubs, created just for expecting dads. These are uniquely designed scrubs the expecting dad can wear into the actual delivery. They have embroidered frontal pockets and “I’m the daddy” etched on the back. They’re the perfect attire for the big day and come in three traditional colors (navy blue, green and khaki).

Keep it classic: The simplicity of a “#1 Dad” mug makes it all the more charming. This is another everyday item that will remind your expecting dad of the bundle of joy waiting for him at home as he sips his third cup of coffee.

Diaper how-to kit: Another product brought to us by Daddy Scrubs is the "Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox." Included in this kit are some silly items such as goggles, rubber gloves, a poncho, ear/nose plugs along with useable items such as wipes, diapers, and a pacifier. It’s the perfect kit to get your new daddy into gear (and give you time to kick back and relax).

Silly shirts: A simple internet search shows hundreds of father-to-be t-shirts. Most are on the humorous side—but what better for your expecting dad? These simple, quirky shirts can provide a quick laugh as well as allow your expecting dad to show his pride and excitement for his new baby.

Newborn babies are an exciting arrival for everyone in the family. Show the dad they`re important too with these fun simple gifts!

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