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Discover a More Beautiful You

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Update: 2013-09-04 06:25:29
Discover a More Beautiful You

Sometimes, when we get stuck in a routine, it can feel like we`re losing our charm, or our mojo. Luckily, this is something that can be changed with a couple small steps. Without lots of makeup or losing some weight, learn 9 ways to discover a more beautiful you.  And, whether you’re a busy mommy or a career woman with a hectic schedule, getting out of that routine and becoming a more beautiful you isn`t hard! How exactly do you do this? Well, the 9 ways to discover a more beautiful you are easy to try and they will work.

WRITING: Try a couple writing exercises such as writing in a journal. Write a fictional `adult` story or write about your dreams or fantasies. If you’re in a relationship, write about your romantic life. What’s great about it, what’s not and what could be improved on. Also, all women have those moments where they are feeling gorgeous and confident then they see a hot blonde woman walking down the street and get jealous. Quit comparing yourself to other women! You’re stunning! Write about what’s so hot about you; write about your beautiful lips, alluring hips, and amazing butt!

FLIRT: Go out and flirt with some guys! You shouldn’t go home with them or date them if you don’t want to, but flirting and having a cute guy flirt back will boost that enchanting inner ego!

BEDROOM MAKEOVER: Get some yummy smelling candles, fuzzy throw pillows, and cheetah and zebra prints, dimming lights, romantic music, and pretty artwork on the walls.

EXPLORE: Explore your body. Look in the mirror at your legs, tummy, and breasts. Analyze your curves, your skin, your hair-everything. It may feel weird at first but you’ll soon fall in love with your body, and you should!

LUXURIOUS BATH: Fill your tub with bubbles, bath fizz, lovely music, light some candles and turn off the bathroom lights!

GO ON A DATE…WITH YOURSELF: Doll yourself up, go grab a drink and treat yourself to a fabulous meal. In other words, go on a fancy date with yourself. You’ll feel even better knowing you can feel amazing alone with yourself.

EXTRAVAGANT ACCESSORIES: Buy pretty bras, panties, stockings, heels, nighties, shimmery body lotion, plumping lip gloss, massage oils and anything else that makes you feel indulgent.

USE YOUR MIRROR: Strip in front of your mirror or dance in front of your mirror; see how beautiful you are! Dress up in a fancy outfit and dim the lights.

PHOTOS: Photograph yourself in your favorite outfits. Take pics of those skinny jeans you look great in, that bra that makes you look great, and that tight black dress that shows off your curves. Refer back to them and discover a more beautiful you!

Use these 9 ways to discover a more beautiful you. You know she’s in there, so try these exercises throughout a couple weeks and uncover that `princess` personality deep down!  

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