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Are You Wearing Cheap Sunglasses?

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Update: 2017-05-08 10:14:41
Are You Wearing Cheap Sunglasses?

Are You Wearing Cheap Sunglasses After This, You Will Never Do That Again!

Specifically, this mother of two has just had cancer because she was wearing cheap sunglasses and doctors had to remove her right eye!

She believes that she got skin cancer while she was on vacation when she was 15 years old. Then she had terrible sunburn, and a part of her eye was most affected, because she was wearing cheap sunglasses without adequate protection against UV radiation – reports Daily Mail.

“The decision to buy cheap glasses cost me the eye. So I want to warn other women how risky that can be, “said Deborah.

Her problems began when she was 24 years old. Then she removed part of the skin on the neck, which was affected by cancer. She thought she would continue to be all right and that she is completely healthy, but after 42 years, her vision began to blur. She went and made detailed tests and the doctors diagnosed her with malignant melanoma behind her right eye.

“I was furious at myself and very frustrated. But it was too late to regret, “she said.

The growth has been large and was pushing her eye from its socket, and there was a possibility that the cancer could spread to the brain, so it was necessary to remove the eye. The doctor confirmed that the cause of cancer is the sun, and Deborah immediately remembered this holiday.
Today, Deborah is a healthy woman, but stays away from the the sun for years. Every day she has to wear a bandage over the eyelid, because her artificial eye is not “litter” as it should.

The fact that I now have only one eye does not prevent me from anything, and I made up with my appearance. I work as a teacher, drive a car and do everything that every other mother, “explained Deborah and added

“I’m looking at the positive side – the loss of an eye it saved my life. I just hope that my story will save other people, especially women who love sunglasses and buy them only because they are beautiful, and not paying attention to quality and their primary function, 

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