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Must-Haves in Men`s Fashion

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Update: 2013-09-03 07:41:04
Must-Haves in Men`s Fashion

Women change their hair color, cut and overall style with a new trend to keep up with everyone else and to look good. And there’s no reason why the man in your life can’t look good too. You’ve got to keep the man in your life, whether it’s your dad or spouse, up-to-date with fashion trends. We’ve got a list of the top must-haves in men’s fashion.

Fashion is forever changing, so from time to time you got to update your wardrobe and include pieces that are in style, hot and on trend. There are certain fashion staples in men’s fashion that haven’t gone away, but have been revamped instead. Find out what there are in this list of must haves.
1. Men’s Must-Have Accessories

Pocket squares are a hot item in men’s fashion. We’re not talking about the typical silk pocket squares either. There are fun prints, patterns and knits that are on trend that can dress up any casual blazer. Watches are a signature men’s accessory that will always be in style. Instead of having the man in your life wear an old watch, have him try an embellished watch. It has the ability to enhance any look.
2. Men’s Must-Have Tie

Skinny ties are in! It’s not just for young boys and models. Have him try it and see how well it looks. If he doesn`t like it, ask him why and try to find one that he does.
3. Men’s Must-Have Colors

Shades of green like mint and emerald are colors in fashion. There’s no reason why men can’t wear these colors, too. Neutrals are always safe but color plays to his confidence, so why not let it show?

4. Men’s Must-Have Suit

Black suits are classic and always will be. Navy and grey suits are the new and improved spin on the black suit. They`re a must-have in every man`s closet as well. So, two-three basic suits for all!
5. Men’s Must-Have Shoes

Help give your dad or spouse a new shoe wardrobe. Have him try wingtip brogues, saddle shoes, suede loafers, and suede saddle shoes.
6. General Men’s Must-Haves

A pair of khaki chinos, a pair of cognac colored casual dress shoes, one white crew neck shirt, one white v-neck shirt, a white button-up and a light weight blazer should do to round out his wardrobe.
Stay True to His Personal Style

Remember to keep his personal style in mind when shopping for any items. Some men don’t like to shop so cater to how he feels. Maybe you have a man that likes you to shop for him, or he’s the type who only likes your suggestions. Suggest and show him some of these must-haves. We’re sure there are a few he’ll most definitely enjoy and look good sporting.

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