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5 new fun apps for you

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Update: 2013-09-01 04:05:06
5 new fun apps for you

Move over Facebook, Instagram is here to steal your thunder. How fun is it to click your lipstick shade for the day, or your bagel sandwich or your neighbor`s cutlery collection. While clickety-happy we are at the moment, we have to say the filters and editing options are getting rather boring. On a quest to find the perfect photo editing app that can make a bland piece of sushi look like a Monet, we discovered five apps worthy enough to put your money on.

A Beautiful Mess
This app just hit number one on the iTunes store, and one test-drive later, understandably so. Created by sisters, Elsie and Emma who run a fun DIY blog by the same name this app is tailor-made to appeal to your feminine side. Fun tints, precious borders, fancy font options, happy doodles and inspirational phrases – A beautiful mess is one heck of a beautiful photo editing app. Use it to brighten up the wall you are staring at while doing absolutely nothing on a Friday night in, or glamorize a boring afternoon at the movies, either ways it’s just the app that leave the haters chanting, ‘What a beautiful life.’

Lets you get wordy and how! Kick start your picture transformation experience by picking a theme, then crop and resize your pictures, take it one step further by adding doodles like a chat box and you’re ready to unleash your inner wordsmith. Not only does it let you pick fonts and colour options, but it also lets you resize the text and place it where you like. A must-have for when your pictures don’t say it all.

This is one app that can get you closer to your man friend. Touted as the next best thing to sexting, Snapchat lets you converse in real time via pictures. What we love though is that whether you send an ugly selfie, your freshly painted toes or something a little more personal, it disappears as soon as the recipient views it. And that’s why we reinstate, that is the next best thing to sexting.

The best thing about your cell phone camera is that you don’t need to stop at just one. But that doesn’t mean you can bombard your Instagram feed with 50 pictures in the very same outfit, with the very same people just in different poses. That is where this nifty app steps in. It lets you create a single collage of multiple pictures reducing your dilemma of which one you should go with. A perfect app for the girl who just can’t stop at one.

Fat You
A must-have app for the girl who cheats on her diet (that would be most of us). All you have to do is upload a picture of your face and let the app fatten you up. It not only adds multiple chins and oodles of chub on your cheeks but also reinstates fear of what that cupcake you gobbled up after your four course lunch can do to you. Fun fact: Use it on your enemies for immense personal satisfaction.

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