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Diabetes Diet: Do Mangoes Increase The Risk of High Blood Sugar Levels?

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Update: 2023-09-10 17:07:56
Diabetes Diet: Do Mangoes Increase The Risk of High Blood Sugar Levels?

Mangoes, popularly called the king of fruits, are the most loved kitchen item in households during summer. 

Their sweet and tropical aroma is everyone’s favourite. But for diabetics, the question of whether mangoes can be included in their diet is a valid concern. Some fruits are high in sugar and carbohydrates, which exclude them from a diabetes-friendly diet. 

Mangoes are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals that make them a highly nutritious fruit. But their high sugar and high calorie overshadow the benefits and causes dilemma for diabetes patients. So, in this article, we’ll find out whether mangoes are a diabetes-friendly fruit or not.

Is it Advisable For Diabetics To Have One Fresh Slice of Mango?

According to Healthline, The GI of mango is 51, which technically classifies it as a low-GI food. GI is basically called glycemic Index, a tool used to rank foods according to their effects on blood sugar. On its 0–100 scale, 0 represents no effect and 100 represents the anticipated impact of ingesting pure sugar.

Also, this fruit contains fibre and various antioxidants, both of which play a role in minimizing its overall blood sugar impact. This makes it easier for your body to manage the influx of carbs and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Mango contains natural sugar, which can lead to increased blood sugar in the body. However, its nutritional profile may help minimize its blood sugar impact. If you are diabetic, here are few mindful practices for you to include mangoes in your diet.

One can have mangoes but avoid pairing it with any other high-card food item. For example- maida, pasta or any dessert that have a high glycemic index.

A large serving of mango can cause an instant spike in blood sugar levels. Eating a limited amount is preferable. (50-75 grams) Also, it’s advisable for diabetics to avoid mango shake and mango juice completely as it contains maximum level of sugar.

It’s recommended that people with diabetes on the borderline can have small amounts, but for people with high blood sugar, it’s important to consult their doctors who know their condition for the longest time.


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