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Getting around a buffet table

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Update: 2013-12-01 03:48:24
Getting around a buffet table

Nothing upsets a diet like an invitation to a swanky and happening buffet party that you just can’t get yourself to say no to.

Buffets are like a black hole – they suck you in without any warning. What starts off as a meal quickly transforms into a food frenzy and before you know it, you find yourself going back for seconds and then thirds and before you know it you’ve lost count.

Have no fear! Help is near! I will tell you how to get around that tempting and delicious buffet without feeling like a stuffed turkey. Don’t think it’s possible? Think again!

Tips to get around a buffet table

Face the truth: Before you start, put your pride aside and accept that it is humanely impossible to eat everything on display. All done? Great, proceed to step 2.

Scout the spread: Just like a hunter stalks its prey, take a casual leisurely walk around the table, looking at what the buffet has to offer. Make sure you complete the round, check out the dessert table too. After all, you don’t want to stuff yourself with main course and not leave space for the glorious dessert, do you?

Pick a small plate: In a bigger plate, you may think that you’ve piled on a little too less. A smaller plate, even when piled to the brim will contain lesser food than a huge plate.

Start afresh: Salads salads salads! Consider them your saviour and eat as much salad as you can before you move on to the main course. People who love their meats, don’t lose heart! Most buffet places offer a wide range of chicken and sea food salads as well. Watch the dressing though.

Sing the soup song: Soup is another great way to fill yourself up without consuming too many calories. Of course, if the soup reads “Cream of chicken soup” or “Cream of mushroom soup”, I don’t have to tell you to stay away.

Watch the others: Now that you’ve filled yourself with salads and soups, you can get down to the business of tasting things. Read carefully, I said tasting, not pigging out. Watch what other people are going back for. More often than not, people will go back for the tastiest treats. If you have to pig out, wouldn’t you rather pick the best?

Ration out your portions: Like a drill sergeant. Don’t pile on too much of anything. A smart eater knows that the mantra to eating properly at a buffet is “taste-all-eat-one”.

Gravy business: Chances are if it has gravy, it’s laden with fattening agents. You’re better off with grilled or smoked or baked stuff. Think grilled chicken, baked potatoes and smoked salmon. Besides, most of the gravies taste the same in a buffet, right?

The sweet ending: Admit it, this is the reason you go to buffets in the first place. If you have been good and stayed within your limits with the main course, I guess its okay to indulge a little bit. Keep the portions tiny and you should be good.

A buffet isn’t the most intelligent choice you can make while you are watching your weight but hey, I get it! We all let go once in a while and if we must give in to temptation, the least we can do is be smart about it. So go forth and eat and remember, all you can eat does not translate to all you SHOULD eat.

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