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Why you should not miss out on eating ‘singhara atta’

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Update: 2022-11-15 21:32:15
Why you should not miss out on eating ‘singhara atta’

Singhara or water chestnut is a popular fruit that is not just delicious but also comes packed with numerous health benefits. Despite its colour, shape, and name, water chestnut is not actually a nut and is, most commonly, used as a fruit. In India, however, many use its by-product — singhara ka atta or flour — to make chapatis, paranthas, pancakes and more.

“Well, singhara atta comes from dried, ground water chestnut. The flour has a savoury flavour and is a great alternative to the regular wheat flour for various reasons,” nutritionist Lovneet Batra wrote on Instagram.

The expert further listed the reasons why you must replace wheat flour with singhara ka atta, or at least add it to your diet. Take a look.

*If you struggle with untimely hunger, Batra suggested swapping your current source of carbs with singhara atta. It “may help you stay fuller for longer while consuming fewer calories”.

*This flour is also rich in an antioxidant called ferulic acid which “plays a great role in slowing down the growth of certain cancer cells”, she said.

*It is also loaded with vitamin K. “This mineral is vital for proper muscle and neural functioning. It also regulates water retention and blood pressure by balancing sodium,” the nutritionist added.

*If you wish for healthy hair, consume this flour as it contains “essential nutrients such as zinc, B vitamins and vitamin E which can contribute to healthy hair“.

*Due to the presence of vitamin B6 in this flour, it is good for inducing sleep as well as alleviating bad mood. “It produces neurotransmitters that are effective for your mood and sleep,” Batra said.

Adding to the list of benefits of singhara atta, functional nutritionist Mugdha Pradhan, CEO and Founder, iThrive, said, “Singhara flour has a high potassium content. This may help lessen the harmful effects of sodium consumption, such as elevated blood pressure. Along with this benefit, this atta also helps to keep the heart healthy.”

“Its other benefits include being good for the liver, helping in the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, improving immunity, curbing UTIs, substituting gluten, etc,” she added.

While this flour can help boost your health parameters, Batra suggested practising portion control.

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