Wednesday, 01 Dec, 2021


India asks IBM to pay $1bn in outstanding tax

DHAKA: Indian tax authorities have asked IBM’s Indian unit to pay 53.57 billion rupees in outstanding income tax on fiscal 2009 revenue.Media reported on Saturday, says The Straits Times.In an emailed statement, an IBM India spokeswoman confirmed the company had received a tax notice,

Google launches Nexus 5 handset

DHAKA: Google has officially unveiled the latest incarnation of its flagship Nexus smartphone.Made by LG, the handset is smaller, slimmer and lighter than the Nexus 4 but its 4.96in (126mm) touchscreen is bigger.The Nexus 5 has been developed to show off the capabilities of the new

Lenovo hires Kutcher to design, pitch new tablet

DHAKA: Computer-maker Lenovo has hired tech-savvy actor Ashton Kutcher to help design and pitch its latest line of tablets, dubbing the Hollywood star a ‘product engineer’ who can bring his ideas along with his image.It’s the latest tech foray for the ‘Two And A Half Men’

Facebook revenue surges 60% on strong ad sales

DHAKA: Social networking giant Facebook reported a 60% surge in revenue, to $2.02bn, in the third quarter, generating profits of $425m.Revenue from advertising grew by 66% to $1.8bn, with nearly half of that coming from mobile ads.‘The strong results we achieved this quarter show that

Steve Jobs California home gets historic designation

DHAKA: The Silicon Valley home where Apple co-founder Steve Jobs grew up and built some of his first computers is now on the city’s list of historic properties.The historical commission in the city of Los Altos voted unanimously for the historic designation on Monday night, the Palo

Lenovo launches first multi mode tablet

DHAKA: Lenovo launched its first multi mode tablet called the ‘Yoga Tablet’ globally on Wednesday morning.The Yoga can be used in three different modes, reports The Straits Times.The tablet has a cylindrical handle which makes it easier to grip when in portrait mode. Behind the

Twitter goes for more eye-catching look

DHAKA: Twitter was born in 2006 as a stream of SMS text messages. Before going public in 2013, it’s now revelling in images.The company tweaked its design Tuesday to favour image- and video-sharing by showing visual media directly within the Twitter timeline, The Straits Times publishes

Samsung extends smartphone lead over Apple

DHAKA: Samsung extended its lead over Apple in the global smartphone market in the third quarter as Chinese manufacturers also made inroads.A survey showed on Tuesday, The Straits Times publishes this report on Wednesday.The worldwide smartphone market saw record sales in the quarter,

Samsung, LG to unveil 105-inch curved TVs next month

DHAKA: Samsung and LG say their curved TVs will get bigger and sport the sharpness four times the regular HD television sets.The world’s two largest TV makers said separately on Thursday they will announce ultra-HD TVs with curved screens that measure 105 inches diagonally, reports The

Nokia telecoms division profits down by a third

DHAKA: Operating profit at Nokia’s telecoms solutions and networks, its main business once its phones division is sold, fell 33% in the third quarter to 218m euros.The Finnish firm forecasts the business’s profit margin will rise sharply next quarter to 12% from 8.4%.That lifted its

LG to sell phone with curved battery, screen from Nov

DHAKA: LG Electronics will offer a smartphone featuring a curved display and battery in South Korea from next month.The G Flex smartphone will sport a display that curves inward from its top and bottom edges.LG said the device will be fitted with a curved battery that its affiliate LG

LG unveils curved-screen smartphone

DHAKA: LG Electronics unveiled on Monday a curved-screen smartphone, taking on rival Samsung in a niche market seen as a first step on the road to fully flexible products.Despite its name, the ‘G-Flex’ does not bend, but uses flexible OLED (organic light-emitting diode) to produce a

Wikipedia pilots articles via SMS

DHAKA: Wikipedia has begun piloting a service that sends articles via text message, primarily aimed at users in Africa.The online encyclopaedia has partnered with mobile operator Airtel to offer the free initiative which is being tested out in Kenya.It is hoped the service will be used to

YouTube readying paid music service

DHAKA: Google’s video-sharing arm YouTube is preparing to launch a subscription music service to allow consumers to watch videos and listen to music ad-free.Industry sources said on Friday, reports The Straits Times.Sources familiar with the plans told media, the service is likely to

Samsung apology to Chinese consumers

DHAKA: Samsung Electronics has apologised to Chinese consumers after a report carried on China`s state TV claimed some of its phones were malfunctioning.The report alleged the phones were crashing due to faulty memory chips and criticised its repair policies.Samsung, which generates

Facebook becoming a key player in news

DHAKA: Facebook is becoming a key source of news for users of the huge social network, even if people discover articles mostly by happenstance.A study showed Thursday, reports The Straits Times.The study by the Pew Research Center, in collaboration with the Knight Foundation, found 64 per

Google Chrome adds parental controls

DHAKA: Google has introduced controls to its Chrome web browser that allow parents to monitor and control the browsing behaviour of their children.The new feature, called "supervised users", allows "managers" to set up profiles of the people they want to monitor.Managers can view the

Google most attractive internet brand

Google is India`s most attractive internet brand, says new research by Trust Research Advisory (TRA).With a growth of 31% over last year, India has 74 million internet users. This has helped it surpass Japan to become the world`s third largest Internet user base after China and the

Yahoo beats Google!

For the third month in a row, more Americans visited Yahoo`s websites than Google`s, according to comScore`s internet traffic data for September.The research firm said Yahoo`s websites had 197.8 million unique US visitors last month, while Google`s had 191.4 million. Yahoo was ahead of

Facebook pulls beheading video amid furore

DHAKA: Facebook yanked a beheading video from the social network late Tuesday following outrage over its lifting of a ban on the gory imagery.The flip flop came as Facebook aimed to balance the diverse sensitivities of its billion-plus members with a desire to be a platform for free