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Public v. Private Universities in Bangladesh 

Privatization of higher education in Bangladesh has opened a big window of opportunity for most financially capable students along with some meritorious ones. In the last three decades, the increase of such institutions bears a clear testimony of tremendous growth. At present, there are

English teaching in the digital age

Since the introduction of English in the subcontinent pedagogical practices in English teaching have been shaped and reshaped. It is no denial that the approaches towards English teaching have come out of the conventional ones. Obviously, updated approaches are being introduced in

The thing to consider of share Business for Sorting Portfolio

Portfolio sorting is an important tool in stock trading. Because based on this the investor can take his profit home. The first quality of a good stock trader is his ability to sort his portfolio. There are multiple strategies to ensure a stable income by reducing the level of risk by

Addressing the growing frustration of the educated youths 

Recently a news has got viral that an educated youth in Bogura posted an advertisement seeking tuition in exchange of meals. The very advertisement by the youth is undeniably a message to the policy-makers in the country though debates have been raised over the issue of Alamgir Kabir, the

Covid blow frustrating education sector unendingly

For more than two years Covid disaster has been ravaging the world. Even vaccination in many cases can not address the Covid-19 challenge completely as different variants of coronavirus are putting the global health system into risk. Undeniably, in the wake of unprecedented Covid-19 lives

Geopolitics, public health and climate change issues are interwoven

The pandemic of COVID-19 is a global public policy challenge. The impact of the pandemic has varied considerably from country to country, exposing inequalities and vulnerabilities in health care, political systems and economies at local, national and international levels. Disparities in

Importance of Establishing Climate-Smart Health Surveillance System in Bangladesh 

Weather and climate have a significant influence on human health. The changes in exposure to heat waves, winter cold, increases in floods, cyclones, storm surges, droughts, increased productions of air pollutants and aeroallergens like spores and molds are all considered to have direct

Climate Migration in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, one in every seven people will be displaced due to climate change by the end of 2050, according to recent estimation. Sea level rise may cause the displacement of up to 18 million people of Bangladesh. Natural disasters are another reason for displacement where 700,000

Not adulterated, we want pure food

The basic human needs are food, clothing, shelter, education and medical care. One of these basic needs is food. Article 15 of the Constitution of Bangladesh recognizes food as a basic ingredient and Article 32 recognizes it as a fundamental right to life. Pure and nutritious food is

Shame on the autocratic manner of a university teacher

It is usual that the doctor who kills his/her patient with wrong treatment, is a murderer; similarly the lawyer who regularly loses the case is infamous to the clients and obviously, those teachers are the most ignoble whose students complain against them. The society considers teachers

Alternative Credit Scoring: Responding to the Plights of the Unbanked

In a country where a large subset of the population is dismissed in their search for credit, looking into alternative data sources might just be the answer.  Bangladesh has been the center of attraction to the emerging of fintech with the growth of MFS and on time regulations

You may face murder charge too!

You are a work alcoholic and innocent person. Any fine morning, you may go through the process of metamorphosis from the state of being an innocent man to a killer. After getting up from bed, you may find your name in the murder case. The case seems to be one of the seven wonders to you.

The Dangers of Chinese Company’s Control over Smart Devices

The Chinese firm Tuya Inc. of Hangzhou is behind making most of the consumer products "smart". Unfortunately, this fact is known by few and carries potential dangers along with it.  As of 2020, Tuya's services cover more than 1100 categories such as agriculture and

Realizing the essence of Ashura

The 10th day of the Islamic month Muharram is known as Ashura.  It is one of the most important days to the Muslims all over the world. The day has a great historical significance in Islam. Karbala Tragedy was the cruelest tragic incident in the Islamic history that took place on the

Bangladesh’s foray into Nuclear Energy Development: Making of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant

In July 2021, Yafes Osman, minister of Science and Technology informed the media that 40 per cent of the construction work of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant has been completed. Despite the global Covid-19 pandemic, the construction of the RNPP saw no disruptions and is on schedule. The RNPP,

Why is Bangladesh so Prone to Floods!

Being a riverine country, about one-fifth to one-third of Bangladesh is flooded every year. The flood mainly occurs during the monsoon period of early July to late September. Even in 2021, when rainfall throughout Bangladesh is below average, floods are being experienced in some

Combating garbage menace in Dhaka city

In the urban areas of Bangladesh garbage management has been a constant challenge over the years. Especially Dhaka city is bearing the most brunt of it due to the population overburden compared with its areas.  Waste from households, industries, institutions, commercial areas and

Bangabandhu’s thoughts on education and research  

Through nine month bloody war under the great leadership of the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Bangladesh emerged as a new independent country on 16 December 1971. The great leader of all times Bangabandhu assumed office as the first Statesman of the independent

Bangabandhu the luminous statesman

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman assumed office as the statesman on 12 January, 1972. He headed the first government of sovereign and independent Bangladesh. The post-liberation Bangladesh was beset with countless problems. The liberation war had just been over but the evidences of huge

Good bye to our time-tested friend Simon Dring

Certainly, very few people in the world do not survive for themselves, rather spend the whole span of life for the betterment of the humanity. Simon Dring is the glaring example among those. He was a famous British foreign correspondent, television producer and presenter. He had witnessed

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