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Nuclear Energy in Bangladesh: Regulatory framework and institutions

At present, approximately, 95% of the people of Bangladesh have access to electricity. Estimation shows that the national demand of electricity would be 40 thousand MW by 2030, and 60 thousand MW by 2041 in the country. As of now, Bangladesh relies mostly on natural gas and coal as the

China's Belligerence: Twisting flows, Weaponising water

In sync with contemporary geopolitics, it seems like China intends to take advantage of natural resources as a warfare strategy2 resembling the scorched earth policy3 in which enemy troops were devoid of resources necessary for survival. To this effect, China is constructing the

Covid-19 Pandemic and Vaccine Divide in the Polarised World  

Undoubtedly, the Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the entire world killing nearly 4 million people and infecting about 130 million across the globe. This pandemic turning into catastrophe has portrayed the vulnerability of most countries irrespective of their economic power and political

Juvenile crime emerging as a social malady

It is obvious that the adolescences are expected the emerging future of a country. Not only their parents but also the society and nation expect much from them as they are the driving force of a country. It is assumed that with their enlightening power along with patriotic zeal in future

Unhealthy entertainment engulfing the youth

Over the years the forms of entertainment have changed significantly. Old types of entertainment hardly attract people these days. It is obvious that once playing football, hearing radio and watching television were the common forms of entertainment. In the agrarian society our

Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant: Boosting Economic Resilience of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is at a critical juncture as the country is observing its 50th Anniversary of its Independence which came after a nine-month-long war against the then occupied military force. Once shrugged as the “bottomless basket,” the country emerged as a development miracle.

A budget to rejuvenate private sector and tap local potential

From pundits to commoners and rich to poor, the major talking points since last week was the proposed national budget for 2021-22 financial year. Despite all the analysis and arguments, from where I see, one thing is undeniable that this budget pampers the vision of Made in Bangladesh

Road to Rooppur nuclear power plant megaproject

Behind any successful project, there are courageous skilled people who can create it. That is why human resource development is an essential element in implementing the Rooppur nuclear power plant (RNPP) under construction in the Pabna District. The RNPP is the largest infrastructure

Dhaka Experienced Zero ‘Good’ Air Quality Days During 2020-2021 Dry Season

Bangladesh holds No.1 position in the most polluted countries ranking with an annual average concentration of 77.10 µg/m3 which is above 6.5 times of United States Environmental Protection Agency standard, followed by Pakistan (59.00 µg/m3) and India (51.90 µg/m3) for

Countering the Myths and Misinformation Around Nuclear Power

Bangladesh’s first nuclear power plant (NPP) in Rooppur on the east side of the river Padma in the Pabna district is nearing completion. The atomic energy project which includes two units, with a capacity of 1.2GW each will make Bangladesh, only the third South Asian country after

Time to Obliterate China’s Foray on High Seas 

China’s deployment of her 3 front line decking ships in the South China Sea, in a visible move to rout the United State’s star branded aircraft carrier from the same vicinity, has sparked worldwide worries, to say the least.  The apprehension is not merely conjectural: a

Modi government committed to Neighborhood First policy

Prime minister Nerendra Modi will be visiting neighbouring Bangladesh on March 26. This is the first time in 15 months that Nerendra Modi is paying a visit to a foreign country. All this time Modi jee has been spearheading the war against Corona for which the world rightfully has

Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant - Symbol of Bangladesh-Russia Friendship

The Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant (RNPP), the first-ever nuclear power plant of Bangladesh, consists of two units – each with a capacity of 1,200 megawatts – is one of the most ambitious projects in Bangladesh’s history. The RNPP project is crucial towards achieving the

Addressing Covid-19 immunization challenges

It is obvious that the world has been undergoing many challenges since the outbreak of Covid-19. Apart from economic fallout the world has counted millions of death exposing a dire threat on humanity. It has been an unprecedented global shock and to come out of this shock people of all

Economic Benefits of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant

Over the past decade, Bangladesh has made significant progress in the development of its power sector. The available installed capacity, excluding captive power and renewable energy, increased from 5823 MW in 2009-10 to 18079 MW in FY 19. Currently 93 percent people of Bangladesh have

Copy-paste culture engulfing the youth

It seems not astounding if students opine that google is the best teacher. In today’s world students are no more dependent on teachers to seek answers of their questions, rather they can get all the solutions instantly entering the google search engine that has made a revolution in

Corona Pandemic-a slay to slain for Rohingya Children living in Bangladesh

Rohingya children are such a wreath generation that they are denied all shorts rights in their own state, went through terrible violence, and finally fled to Bangladesh for their survival. Bangladesh with its outsized population burden, still surely welcomed them with great empathy and

Covid-19 did not impact delivery of key equipment to Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant

Covid-19 and schedules  On October 1, JSC "AEM-technology", a part of the Russian State Atomiс Energy Corporation Rosatom, shipped the last of the four steam generators for Rooppur NPP, the country’s first under construction nuclear power project. The first item was

Dry Season Is Here: The Period of Worst Air Quality in Bangladesh

There is a good reason to worry about the air quality in Dhaka, as Bangladesh ranks 179th (out of 180 countries) at the Environmental Performance Index for air quality. According to the State of Global Air (2019), air pollution is the fifth leading risk for mortality worldwide. In 2017,


If you're a kid who built whole cities in the bedroom, look out for civil engineering. Civil engineers build real cities, from roads and bridges to tunnels, public buildings, highly challenging structure and sewer systems.  The projects have three phases: pre-construction

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