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Apple Faces Market Cap Loss Amidst Decision To Halt Ev Production

Tech giant Apple Inc. has experienced a decline in its market capitalization in recent times following its announcement to discontinue the production of electric vehicles (EVs). This unexpected move has raised concerns among investors and industry experts, with many speculating about the

English Speaking Clubs in Bangladeshi Schools: A Path to Global Competence

We need English-Speaking clubs in every schools be it primary or higher secondary, the clubs which will serve as incubators for cultivating linguistic proficiency, fostering confidence, and nurturing global competence among Bangladeshi students.  Because in a rapidly evolving

The IMEC as a catalyst for global prosperity

Economic corridors have the potential to bring about various benefits, including increased trade, foreign investment, and improved living conditions for citizens in the participating countries. Additionally, they can contribute to the development of rural areas, address regional

Reunification of China is Inevitable and Irreversible

On January 13th, 2024, the leadership and legislature elections of China’s Taiwan region were held. Candidates of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) won the leadership election. In the election of the island's 113-seat legislature, the Chinese Kuomintang Party garnered 52

Siliguri corridor as a bridge to East Asia

India is a vast and diverse country located within what has been described as the Indian subcontinent. Within the physical expanse of this subcontinent, history and politics, and sometimes, chance, have etched the political boundaries of our country. The same factors have imparted

2024 - New Year, New Pledge, New Hope

The nation welcomes the year 2024 with a new pledge to advance the country on a higher growth track as it experienced remarkable infrastructure development apart from political and economic instabilities in the previous year. 2023 was perhaps the best year for the country since

After 52 years, where do Pakistan and Bangladesh stand in the field of economy?

After independence from British rule on 14 August 1947, the western and eastern parts of Pakistan started the journey of independence together. However, in the next 10-12 years, the social and economic gap between the two sections widened. About this, GW Chaudhry writes in his book

India’s G20 presidency and the dawn of a new multilateralism

Today marks 365 days since India assumed the G20 presidency. It is a moment to reflect, recommit, and rejuvenate the spirit of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future.’ As we undertook this responsibility last year, the global landscape

Navigating the Legal Landscape: The Metro Rail Act 2015

In the intricate realm of legislative frameworks, where precision meets purpose, the Metro Rail Act of 2015 stands as a testament to the meticulous crafting of legal instruments. Designed with a deliberate intent, this legislative edifice not only charts the course for the

Banks in hurdle, need cognitive changes in Socio-political and administrative phenomenon in Bangladesh

Part-01 Black paws push Banking in immense challenge There is a truth that low income society has a tendency of polarization of inputs of resources to the rental basis economic activities, which pushes the economy with lower outcome in the long run.  For example, in

Where Bashundhara Kings Is First in South Asia

Today, a memorable and proud chapter is going to be added to the history of South Asian club soccer culture, which will brighten the image of Bangladesh in international club football. Under the sponsorship of Bashundhara Group, one of the largest business conglomerates in the country,

Tabsir Husam Bhuiyan's poem 'Best Friend'

Best Friend Flowers will die, the sun will set You're my dream I won't forget, Your name's so precious, sounds so good. Just like a tonic when in unhappy mood. Your name will never get old Set in the heartin letters of gold. My love for you is deep-rooted in mind

The Mournful Day

It was not dawn yet. Azan, the call for prayers from a faraway mosque was flowing through. All on a sudden sound of gunshots filled the air. Shots were being fired around a house on road 32 of Dhanmondi area in Dhaka. The house where the President of Bangladesh, Father of the Nation

Bangabandhu killing pushed the country towards opposite direction

Bangladesh is unlike other countries in terms of August. As per Gregorian calendar, the month brings a different message to other countries. But in Bangladesh, it is symbol of mourning. On the 15th of this month, a section of disgruntled army officials and traitors assassinated

Making it to the top, the Shringla way

It’s rare to see a biography written on a diplomat in his lifetime. But, then Harsh Shringla is no ordinary diplomat. His life has been an inspiring story of self-fashioning and mapping one’s journey of ambition, achievement and fulfilment, on his own terms. A veteran diplomat

The rise and rise of Harsh Vardhan Shringla

He was named chief coordinator of India's G20 presidency There is absolutely nothing “accidental” about the steady and impressive rise and rise of a self-effacing powerhouse, who has steered India’s policy in all the right directions from the time he joined the

A silent emergency: The rise in suicides among UK doctors

In the early 1980s when Amandip Sidhu was growing up in Harrow, a suburb on the fringe of northwest London, his South Asian family was one of only a handful of non-white households in the area. Having spent some of his childhood in East Africa, where his father was a civil servant,

On Anniversary, BAJUS Celebrates Jewelry Industry's transition To Golden Era

On the occasion of its 58th founding anniversary, the Bangladesh Jewellers Samity (BAJUS) stands tall as a pivotal force in the nation's gold sector, with a notable focus on ethical business practices and fostering growth.  In this transformative journey, Sayem Sobhan Anvir,

Has the US/West decided to strategically alienate itself in the Bay of Bengal?

A perplexing change in the West's core policy towards the Bay of Bengal region, led by the US, has occurred in recent years. In spite of participating in security and partnership dialogue with Bangladesh, the US has periodically shown hostility and indifference towards this friendly

Dhaka-Delhi bilateral relation is irreversible, says Shringla

Former Foreign Secretary of India and G20 Chief Coordinator Harsh Vardhan Shringla has said the bilateral relation between India and Bangladesh reached a height in the past one decade that nobody can reverse it opposite. He was answering a question in an interview with a Bengali TV

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