Wednesday, 04 Oct, 2023


China tells Washington to return to UN on Syria

DHAKA: China urged the United States to proceed with extreme caution and return to the United Nations to discuss Syria after Washington said it was not seeking Security Council approval for action in response to a chemical weapons attack last month.Washington and Paris say forces loyal to

PKK halts withdrawal but vows to continue cease-fire

DHAKA: Turkey’s militant Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has halted its pullout from Turkey.The Kurdish Communities Union (KCK), the urban wing of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), said in a statement that the withdrawal had been halted because the Turkish government had

14 hurt as plane skids off runway in Bangkok

DHAKA: A Thai Airways plane skidded off the runway in Bangkok after the nose wheel collapsed on landing, slightly injuring more than a dozen passengers.The airline said Monday, reports The Straits Times.The incident late on Sunday involved an Airbus 330-300 carrying 287 passengers and 14

Kim Jong Un has a baby daughter

DHAKA: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has a baby daughter, seemingly guaranteeing the future of a dynasty which has ruled the isolated and impoverished state for three generations, according to US basketball star Dennis Rodman who met Kim last week.Kim’s wife Ri Sol had appeared to be

‘US has no proof of chemical weapons use’

DHAKA: Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has told a US broadcaster there is ‘no evidence’ that his government has used chemical weapons.In the interview with PBS, to be aired on Monday, he also suggested his allies would retaliate if the West attacked, reports the BBC.US state

Death toll rises to 27

DHAKA: The spiral of violence triggered by killings last month in Muzaffarnagar spread to far flung rural areas on Sunday, killing 16 more people. With this the death toll in the violence has increased to 27. With more than 40 people injured, many critically, the toll could increase,

India communal violence death toll rises 27

DHAKA: The spiral of violence triggered by killings last month spread to Muzaffarnagar’s far flung rural areas on Sunday, killing 16 more people, taking the number of those consumed by the conflagration to 27. With more than 40 people injured, many critically, the toll could increase,

Muslim rebel attack shuts down Philippine city

DHAKA: An attack by dozens of Muslim rebels shut down the major southern Philippine port city of Zamboanga on Monday, the mayor and military officials said.Followers of separatist leader Nur Misuari clashed with soldiers as Mayor Isabelle Climaco-Salazar ordered all schools and offices to

18 killed in Nigeria clashes

DHAKA: At least 18 people were killed in clashes between suspected Boko Haram fighters and a vigilante group in Borno state in north-eastern Nigeria, reports say.A majority of those killed were thought to have been vigilante members who had tried to defend the town of Benisheik against

When travel is share and share alike By Andrea Sachs

DHAKA: Halil pulled up in front of his apartment complex in San Francisco and turned off the engine. We sat in his car side by side, as if we were on an awkward first date. He asked for my driver’s license and snapped a picture of it with his smartphone. I awaited further instructions.

Prince Andrew challenged!

DHAKA: The Duke of York has said he is ‘grateful’ for an apology from police after officers challenged him in the gardens of Buckingham Palace.In a statement, Prince Andrew, the second son and third child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, said the police had a difficult job and

Forces may have used gas without Assad’s permission

DHAKA: Syrian government forces may have carried out a chemical weapons attack close to Damascus without the personal permission of president Bashar Assad.Germany’s ‘Bild am Sonntag’ paper reported on Sunday, citing German intelligence says The Jerusalem Post.Syrian brigade and

Tunisians rally, calling for govt to go

DHAKA: Thousands of Tunisians took to the streets of Bardo, near the capital Tunis, late Saturday, calling for the government led by the moderate Islamist Ennahda party to step down.They were marking the end of a 40-day period of mourning after the assassination of opposition leader

CNN airs videos of Syria sarin gas victims

DHAKA: CNN aired graphic videos of victims Saturday that it said were shown to select US lawmakers as part of a push to shore up support for a strike on Syria.The broadcaster said the 13 videos were shown Thursday to members of the Senate Intelligence Committee who were told they depict

‘Syria strike illegal under UN charter’

DHAKA: A potential US-led military strike against Syria would be ‘illegal’ based on the United Nations charter, Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Javed Zarif said in Baghdad on Sunday.‘Civilised countries, 65 years ago, took the options off the table when they rejected in the

Egypt army launches new air strikes in Sinai

DHAKA: Egyptian military helicopters carried out a second day of air raids on Sunday in the Sinai Peninsula, where they are facing an insurgency by Islamist militants, witnesses said.Apache helicopters hit targets in north Sinai near the Rafah border crossing with the Hamas-ruled Gaza

Syrian gas victims flown in secret to UK

DHAKA: Victims of a chemical weapons attack on the outskirts of Damascus last month were flown in secret from Syria to the United Kingdom to undergo tests.The Sunday Times reported, says The Jerusalem Post.According to the report in the British newspaper, the medical tests revealed traces

India communal violence death toll climbs 12

DHAKA: Army staged a flag march in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar Sunday where the toll in communal clashes between members of two communities climbed to 12 while 40 were injured.Sporadic incidents of violence were also reported from villages in Meerut where two people have been killed

Another 3 die of Mers virus in Saudi Arabia

DHAKA: Another three people have died in Saudi Arabia after contracting the Mers coronavirus, the health ministry said Sunday, bringing the kingdom’s total fatalities of the Sars-like virus to 47.A Saudi man, aged 74, died in the western city of Medina after being in contact with an

Kerry meets Arab leaders to seek support

DHAKA: US state secretary John Kerry is meeting Arab League leaders in Paris as part of a European tour to gather support for intervention in Syria.Earlier Kerry said the number of nations prepared to take military action was now in ‘double digits’, but the list has not been made