Sunday, 27 Nov, 2022


Australia general election set for August 21: PM

CANBERRA:  Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard on Saturday called a general election for August 21, kicking off a bitter campaign battle over asylum seekers, economic management and climate change."Today I seek a mandate from the Australian people to lead Australia forward," she told

DR Congo children quit school for mines

KAMATANDA: Barefoot with water up to his knees, seven-year-old Isaac sifts through sand to extract copper like hundreds of boys in southeast DR Congo, forced by poverty to quit school and work in the mines.Isaac abandoned his maths and language classes in February, leaving the only school

First drug gang car bomb kills police in Mexico border city

CIUDAD JUAREZ: Suspected drug gang members launched a car bomb attack on police in Mexico`s border city of Ciudad Juarez for the first time, killing two police and two medics, a general said Friday.The attack marked an escalation in Mexico`s brutal drug violence, which has left some 7,000

Hezbollah warns Lebanon telecom `exposed` to Israel

BEIRUT: Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah on Friday claimed Israel had complete control over Lebanon`s telecom sector, calling for convicted spies to hang amid a widening probe into acts of espionage."The country is exposed and Israel... secures much information through its control over

Japanese man feared kidnapped in Philippines

ZAMBOANGA:  A Japanese man who went missing on a remote southern Philippine island may have been kidnapped, authorities said Saturday.The man, named by local police as Amer Katayama Mamaito, was last seen on Pangutaran island in the Sulu archipelago, a stronghold of Abu Sayyaf Islamic

Philippine typhoon death toll rises to 53

MANILA: The death toll from a typhoon that hit the Philippines rose sharply to 53 Saturday, officials said, warning the number of dead could go up further with dozens of others missing days after the disaster.In some rare good news, three fishermen were plucked by passing colleagues from

Two US men jailed up to 38 years for child pornography

WASHINGTON: Two US men have been jailed for up to 38 years for their roles in an online child pornography ring involving some 500 people worldwide, many of whom personally abused children, officials said Friday.Thomas Attebury, 40, was sentenced Thursday to 38 years in prison for using "a

UN chief urges peaceful dialogue in restive Maldives

UNITED NATIONS: UN chief Ban Ki-moon on Friday urged rival parties in the Maldives to cool rising tension and to resolve their differences through dialogue.Ban, currently on a visit to Spain, "is concerned by rising political tension in the Maldives, which culminated in some violent

UN slams suicide bombings in Iran

UNITED NATIONS: The UN Security Council on Friday strongly condemned as a "terrorist attack" the twin suicide bombings on a mosque in southeastern Iran that left 27 people dead.Earlier in the day, UN chief Ban Ki-moon also slammed the bombings, which were claimed by the shadowy Sunni

Banking with money from red-light zone!

KOLKATA: Sex workers in West Bengal are set to introduce Multipurpose Cooperative Bank across the Indian state under the aegis of their forum styled ‘Durbar’.The bank will allow them to deposit money from the red-light world and enjoy lone facilities.Acting member of Durbar

India, China to build rail links in Sri Lanka

COLOMBO - India and China have clinched two separate contracts to build railway lines and communication links in Sri Lanka, the government said Friday.Indian Railway Construction International Ltd has won an 86.5 million dollar deal to reconstruct rail lines in the island`s northern

Pakistan market bomb kills six: officials

PESHAWAR - A bomb blast ripped through a busy market selling second-hand cars in a Pakistan`s infamous tribal district of Khyber on Friday, killing at least six civilians, officials said.The explosion rocked Kuki Khel town in Khyber, on the NATO supply route into Afghanistan and part of

29 dead in Iraq hotel fire including Bangladeshi workers

SULAIMANIYAH: Guests leapt desperately to their deaths from upper-floor windows as a fire tore through a hotel in northern Iraq killing 29 people, 14 of them foreigners, including a Canadian, police and medics said on Friday.Citizens of Australia, Britain, Canada and several Asian and

Pakistan market bomb kills six: officials

PESHAWAR - A bomb blast ripped through a busy market selling second-hand cars in a Pakistan`s infamous tribal district of Khyber on Friday, killing at least six civilians, officials said.The explosion rocked Kuki Khel town in Khyber, on the NATO supply route into Afghanistan and part of

29 people killed in north Iraq hotel fire: officials

SULAIMANIYAH: Twenty-nine people, including children, women and foreigners, were killed in a late night fire at a hotel in northern Iraq`s Sulaimaniyah city, health and government officials said Friday.Four Americans were among 29 people killed in a hotel fire in northern Iraq, a hospital

S.Korea, US to stage series of naval drills: ministry

SEOUL ` South Korea and the United States will stage a series of naval exercises this year to deter North Korea following the sinking of one of Seoul`s warships, the defence ministry said Friday.The ministry also announced that a separate anti`proliferation naval drill would be held off

Germany`s Merkel urges China to open up markets

BEIJING ` German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday prodded China to ease access to its markets as the leaders of the world`s top two exporting nations held talks in Beijing focused on trade.After meeting Premier Wen Jiabao, Merkel told reporters that she had emphasised German wishes for

Lebanon arrests third `telecom spy` in widening probe

BEIRUT ` Lebanon has arrested a third person in a widening probe into a network of suspected Israeli spies employed in the country`s telecom sector, a source close to the investigation said Friday."The arrest was made late last night and the suspect is a former employee of Lebanon`s

Sushi hungry Japan sells its biggest tuna in quarter century

TOKYO ` A monster tuna caught off Japan turned heads at a Tokyo fish market Friday, where the 445 kilogram (981 pound) bluefin `` the biggest caught here since 1986 `` sold for 3.2 million yen (36,700 dollars)."Many of the people who work at the market have never seen a tuna that big,"

Kolkata landmark threatened by spit

KOLKATA ` Sheathed in 26,500 tonnes of high`tensile steel and capable of handling 100,000 vehicles a day without a groan, Kolkata`s Howrah Bridge is facing a threat its builders had never dreamed of `` human spittle.Recognised as one of the world`s finest cantilever bridges, the landmark