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"Evaly activities and hotline numbers were on, are on"

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Update: 2021-07-17 16:18:57

In response to the news published recently by some media outlets that the hotline of Evaly's office, activities and customer service call center were closed, the ecommerce company has made a statement clarifying their position on the issue. 

Evaly has ruled out the allegation in the statement.

The Evaly's statement is as follows: 

1) The office work is being carried out in the light of the restrictions imposed by the government to deal with the Corona situation, not to close the office of Evaly. Only the manpower of the departments related to the emergency service activities are present in the office and working directly. We have three warehouses. There are our staffs engaged in delivering the products to the customers and the customers are getting the delivery of their ordered products regularly. It is worth mentioning here that even in the month of April, when the government-imposed restrictions or lockdowns on the movement, the employees of Evaly did ‘Home Office’ in the same manner and all matters related to customer service were taken care of at that time.

2) In the light of government restrictions, there is a temporary ban on providing customer service in person from the office to avoid large crowds. In addition, several Evaly workers were infected with the Covid-19 corona virus before and after the lockdown. In this situation, we cannot risk anyone's life by allowing workers to the office. In addition, due to strict restrictions or lockdowns on public transport and other vehicles, healthy workers would suffer and be embarrassed to come to the office even if they wanted to.

3) However, customers are able to take regular services from our website and app platform and Facebook. At the same time our customer service center hotline number is active every day from 8 am to 11 pm. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without lockdown. It is important to note that customer service is not the same as office and activities.
Not being able to contact the customer service representative by phone at a specific time on the customer service center hotline does not usually mean that there is no response from the customer service center.

4) There is no denying that Evaly is having a hard time. It is normal for customers to be worried at such times. As a result, the number of calls to the customer service center has increased compared to the normal period. Some customers have to wait a long time to serve more customers. This is a normal thing for any organization's call center. It may be mentioned here that from 1st to 15th July, the call center of Evaly has provided services to the customers against an average of 12,054 calls daily. An average of 789 calls per hour are being received from our call center. In addition, customers have been served by receiving a maximum of 1,392 calls per hour. For this we have 220 customer service representatives in turn. In addition, most of the employees of Evaly are fulfilling their responsibilities through 'Work from Home'.

In addition, a team of us is working to serve customers through social media. A team of 123 people maintains and serves customers in different shifts through Evaly's verified Facebook page and its own group, e-mail, live chat and news feed. With an average of 16,056 times information are being exchanged customers through social media every day.

5) We fear that one or more vested interests, jealous of Evaly's massive commercial success, are spreading propaganda, rumors, and false information against us. In this case, we urge everyone not to be confused. All the latest information related to Evaly will be exchanged with the customers. To this end, we would like to thank our esteemed customers and merchants on Evaly's website (, Facebook page (, official group ( / groups / EvalyHelpDesk) and the public relations page (

In this context, we kindly request all parties concerned, including the media, not to publish any news that looks at a particular situation as an overall picture, which brings bad news for the country's more than 4 million customers, more than 26,000 merchants and sellers and about 5,000 employees, putting their future at risk. At the same time, any news with inaccurate information can create confusion among the mass consumers and investors as well as cause them unnecessary panic. 

As the Evaly Authority, we firmly believe that Evaly will become a profitable enterprise by overcoming this crisis and will contribute to the economic development of the country as a domestic institution. We seek the sincere cooperation of all parties concerned.

BDST: 1618 HRS, JUL 17, 2021

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