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Malkhana mired in miasma of mismanagement

Mobinul Islam<br>Court Correspondent |
Update: 2010-08-04 19:47:23
Malkhana mired in miasma of mismanagement

DHAKA:  Evidences vital to disposal of the under-trial cases at Dhaka court lie mired in a miasma of mismanagement in its malkhana or storehouse, sources said.  

In order to prove the offence in most cases, the prosecution largely depends on evidences with forensic proof.

The correspondent of visited the Dhaka court premises and witnessed the scenario comparable with a dog’s dinner table: hundreds and thousands of evidences are dumped – many gathering dust and rust under the sun.

A staff member of the store or which they call malkhana said there are evidences which were 30 years old.

Many evidences, especially illegally imported television or electronic items, were stolen from the large store.

Mirashuddin, Inspector of Dhaka district court, told that the evidences stockpiled over the years and they could not destroy these despite the fact that many cases were disposed of.

“We do not get any copy of the disposal and that’s a real problem with such a huge amount of evidences,” he said.

A quick look into the Malkhana of Dhaka District and Dhaka Metropolitan Courts can upset one for pungent smell of hemp, country liquors and phensidyl.

Lack of sufficient light and air circulation and proper preservation has left the dark room in a horrible condition.

Recent construction works for upgrading the CMM Court to 10-storied building caused another trouble for the Malkhana. The waste water from the construction gets into the Malkhana, causing damage to important evidences.

Mirashuddin pointed out the problems of accommodation to preserve the evidences. He said repeated letters to Public Works Department on its problems and plights of the Malkjhana have not yielded any result yet.  

BDST 1500 HRS, AUGUST 5, 2010.

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