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What Is Happening In Bangladesh Cricket?

Saleque Sufi |
Update: 2020-03-03 12:30:14 PM
What Is Happening In Bangladesh Cricket?
Team Bangladesh

Whatever be the situation, however poor Bangladesh national team recently performed (prior to present Zimbabwe Series), almost near full strength team (only Shakib is not there) is not at all a competitor for Bangladesh.  Playing business as usual normal cricket Bangladesh should win the series and even earn comprehensive series whitewash. Any other result will be huge upset. Why there are so much talks in social, print and electronic media about Mashrafe, Mushfique, Mahmudullah and even about Tamim? Are they not four of top five pillars who have massively contributed over the past decade for bringing Bangladesh cricket often individually and most of the time collectively to a level of competence? Sun does not shine with similar bright ness every other day. No one remains indispensable for ever for anything. Even the best of the best would sign off somewhere someday. Why only Mashrafe alone, Tamim, Mushfique, Shakib will have to hand up their bat sooner or later. Why others should be so concerned? It is not fair that others even BCB boss should have to talk to media so often.

Some of us are involved in writing sports or writing cricket for almost five decades. At least we have seen cricket grow from infancy and set roots gradually. We have seen many cricketers emerge, perform and leave. Many of the present day cricket admires even not aware what struggle early days national cricketers and cricket organizers struggled to set roots in international arena? Today even our women are playing world cup cricket In Australia. Cricket writers and journalists have no less contribution in establishing cricket to this stage.

We have seen an unnecessary media controversy emerged about Mashrafe retirement? People are unnecessarily making Mushfique’s firm decision about not going to Pakistan for playing. Media is talking a bit too much about Tamim’s batting form and for that mater too much concerns are being seen about Mahmudullahun certainty. We must not forget that these players have not grown to this level overnight. Like many others media also contributed for making them household heroes. Truly speaking no replacement has grown so far for any of them yet. Omit all four together in a match. Bangladesh will struggle even winning against Zimabawe in any format.

I have heard the Video clipping of Mashrafe press meet and an electronic media follow up. I talked with the journalist who asked that particular question. I can feel the heart sore of Mashrafe from over reaction of social media after his decision of joining politics , becoming elected member of parliament while still playing . He is one and only there. Usually he is one of the most media friendly sports personality. I found the journalist question had innocence and complete question in no way showed any disrespect to Mashrafe. Perhaps two words were not the most appropriate which made him react so sharply. But the background was created from unnecessary deliberation about Mashrafe by BCB in other press meet. BCB selection committee can select him or discard him if not found physically fit or if any other person is found more capable for leading the team. In all considerate opinion Masharafe should have been rested after playing first three matches of CWC 2019. He was going through a long lean patch. Abu Jayed Rahi taken in the team as a bowler suitable for English condition should have been given a go. Mashrafe could have been given time for making come back later. During world cup unnecessary media hype was created about Saifuddin even. Hope Mashrafe would think deep about his present physical condition, present social status, commitment he has as public representative. He must sign off with glory. As player he has achieved all that is possible and probable.  Let him not embrace the fate of the “Patriot of Robert Browning”.

About Mushfique, he is one of the all time best and the most technically equipped batsman Bangladesh ever produced. No one should ever question about his total commitment and dedication about cricket and contribution. BCB gave option to all the players whether or not going to Pakistan and Mushfique made his decision loud and clear. After BCB accepted it that must be end of it, no questions asked. Mushfique is not the only international player who has decided for not going to Pakistan for playing cricket. The Asia cup in Pakistan has become uncertain for India not agreeing going there. Why BCB negotiated so deeply for avoiding playing test series there?

It is too early even discussing about immediate future of Tamim and Mahmudullah. Both have at least 3-5 years left of international cricket. They may not perform in some and few matches but they would get back into stride sooner or later. Media must not be worried too much. Neither should responsible persons in BCB act to create speculation. 

Let our cricket heroes deal about their playing future. If BCB selection committee find better replacement and if concerned players are not fit let them politely discard the player. Why everything must come in the press? Why BCB senior policy makers should talk with media about extremely personal matters of the players publicly?

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