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Today Lula is very upset as her grandma got a cardiac arrest and admitted in to hospital. Though the doctors said nothing much to worry as she was rushed to hospital on time, everybody at home is worried till the time she is out of ICU (Intensive Care Unit).

Lula is very fond of her grandma. Since childhood she is very much attached to her. In fact, she spends more time with her than anyone else in the family. It is a small family with Lula, Mom, Dad and Grandma. Mom and dad are busy. Early morning they step out for office and by the time they return, it is mostly around 7 in the evening. In between Lula keeps on changing her world, from friend circle at school to grandma’s affectionate den. 

Mom says it is because of grandma only, Lula got her life back. She was born premature around 3 weeks early and was put in an incubator. Just within a day or two after her birth, all of a sudden, she started becoming very pale and was diagnosed with jaundice. Normally jaundice is not very uncommon in premature babies, as the young liver, which is yet to be fully developed is not in a position to get rid of so much bilirubin. Her bilirubin count went up very high. Concern is severe jaundice that is not treated can cause brain damage.

So Lula had to continue in NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) for about a month. In NICU, as a part of treatment she was kept under a special light towards fast recovery. In the mean time her mom got pneumonia and became bedridden. During this time grandma refused to leave hospital and took care of Lula and her mom. When she was back home, grandma took charge and started looking after her. 

“I brought up my two kids as well as my brother-in-law’s two. Lula will be my 5th one” Grandma used to tell whenever mom or Dad used to ask her to take some break.

Grandma is an experienced Mom and loves Lula like anything.   

“This will strengthen her bones and will develop her immunity” Grandma used to tell while massaging her with mastered oil under sun light. 

Some of the sweaters knit by grandma are still there in the old Almirah. Obviously, Lula can not wear those now, however could not resist to keep some as souvenir.

“I know why Lula kept all those sweaters” Grandma said

“Why?” Mom and Dad asked

“She wants to give all these to her own kids when she becomes Mom by herself”

“LoL !” Lula said

“What are these LoL and all ?” Dad said “Where from you are learning all these?”

“Papa….LoL means Laugh Out Loud, nothing slang in it” Lula smiled “and TBH…I mean ‘to be honest’, Grandma knows all these acronyms.”

“Yes I keep on learning all these from Lula. I have a FOMO all new generation conversations” said Grandma. “By the way FOMO means “Fear of Missing Out’ you may not be aware Babu”

Grandma affectionately calls Dad as Babu. Dad knew that Lula has helped Grandma opening a Facebook account and getting WhatsApp installed in the smartphone he presented to her last year in her 67th Birthday. In fact she is more tech savvy than him. But even then updating herself with millennial lingo is something he did not expect. Really inspirational 

“You are amazing Mom” Dad said

“Why don’t you also try to learn Babu?” Grandma asked Dad

“I wish I had that much time and patience” Dad laughed “anyway I am fine being little backdated”  

Lula is now 17 years old and can manage herself well. So yesterday afternoon when she just returned from school, Grandma complained about severe chest pain. Without wasting a minute Lula called the ambulance informed Mom and Dad and took her to hospital and put in the emergency. By the time Mom and Dad are back Grandma was transferred to the ICU.

“She did an excellent job and we appreciate her presence of mind” said Dr Santosh who is in mid thirty and currently taking care of Grandma. “Had it been further delayed it could have been fatal. But now with God’s grace she is out of danger. We want to observe her further and that’s why she is in ICU. Most probably we will shift her to general bed tomorrow if everything goes fine. FYI…” 

“FYI ?” Dad whispered.

“For Your Information ” Lula whispered to his ear. 

The DIY approach of this new generation is amazing !”

“DIY ? Dad is further embarrassed

“Do It Yourself” Lula leaned to Dad’s ear again

By next couple of days Grandma recovered a lot and became very popular with all the attending Doctors and Nurses. She has the millennial vice afterall.

Finally the day came for her to return home.  Dad got busy completing all the hospital formalities. Lula along with Mom were walking to Grandma’s cabin. 

“Lula come ASAP, I have a surprise for you” Grandma shouted as soon as she saw Lula “Meet Dr Anju. She is a retired cardiac surgeon and a visiting consultant in this hospital, The surprise is we are childhood friends and studied till 10th grade together. After that we got separated and met here today only. By the way she is my BFF” 

“OMG (Oh My God)! Dr Anju is your BFF?” Lula could not hide her excitement 

“BFF meaning?” Dr Anju asked with a smile “You are still funny as the childhood days”

“It means Best Friend Forever” Grandma proudly said “as I learnt all these from Lula, my granddaughter, mentor and another BFF”

“You are lucky my BFF. I wish I had a granddaughter like you, who could teach me and made me more contemporary” Dr Anju laughed patting Lula at the back.

All of them stepped out of the hospital to board the car. Today Grandma not only got her health back but her childhood BFF too. 

Writer: Pinaki Chakraborty

BDST: 1217 HRS, APR 29, 2020

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