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Online shoppers jam-packed in classified ad marketplace

Sabbin Hasan, ICT Editor |
Update: 2013-10-28 06:46:12
Online shoppers jam-packed in classified ad marketplace

DHAKA: Infused with brand new innovative ideas, a barter ground is becoming increasingly popular among shoppers around the country. Here, anyone can sell their stuffs as a seller and also buy things as a buyer at the same time without any additional charge.
It’s called cellbazaar.com, a hassle free marketplace that keeps third parties and rip-offs at bay which largely caters a direct and instant buy-sell platform in Bangladesh.

Along with the latest buzz for 3G service and a recent craze for smartphones are now stirring up a hot topic for the people around the country. And combining these two forces creates a revolving trade wind in country’s economy, states cellbazaar.com CEO Mr. Arild Klokkerhaug, in a banglanews24.com’s interview recently.

Youth, smartphones and internet, a perfect blend of these three conveys a rapid change in country’s socio-economic culture as online market amid the slow internet speed in Bangladesh.

Online e-shopping is now trending with flying colors as traffic and road accidents are becoming a regular issue. People can check for electronic products, laptops, notebooks, cars and even houses in this e-shopping mart.

Cellbazaar.com started to get attention as the first classified ad market in Bangladesh from 2005. At first started with car and flat rent deals, it expanded its list of items gradually. As a result, both buyers and sellers leaned forward to this site.

Today, as the CEO of cellbazaar.com, Mr. Aril recreated the site out of an ordinary looking interface and service system. And now, buyers and sellers consider cellbazaar.com as one of the most trusted and convenient shopping site for used and brand new products.

Mr Arild expressed his optimism that this market will take a hold of all the customers and sellers by 2020. With high speed internet and reaching every phone, this service will mobilize the country’s economy as cellbazaar.com leaping forward with new innovative planning and ideas.

On a different note, Arild conveyed his best regards for banglanews24.com saying, this rapid emerging new media indicates a steady but rapid growth of internet culture in this country.

Now, 30 thousand cars and thousands of commodities each day are being sold here in cellbazaar. Each day it is adding new feats, enlisting new products which make shopping easier and more convenient.

Cellbazaar provides all features both in Bangla and English by using a simple tab selection from the menu. Mr Arild is confident that this new feature will enable countrywide trade for free.  

This site recently intergraded facebook with their site allowing users to sell or buy more easily using their facebook profiles. Users no longer need to open up separate accounts in this site which assures safety for the interested buyers as well. However users can register with new accounts separately as well for sake of their own personal privacy.

Re-launching a brand new logo, cellbazaar brings significant change in its interface every single day. These modifications are result of various customer feedbacks. Users can select their locations and preferred products from an array of 6 different categories from the display out of many more.

In this Eid-Ul-Adha numerous domesticated animals were also sold as the part of the festival and this online market is rapidly increasing its reputation in this massive annual sales.

According to Arlid, Bangladesh has one of the fastest growing number of internet users which makes it more effort in developing their own platform and watchful quality control with 7 years of experience in this sector.
Cellbazaar.com is the pioneer in online and cell phone classified ad market which has won prestigious award for its SMS service. It was launched as a complete website in 2007.

This year, cellbazaar.com ended its contract with Grameenphone. This new genre of online market is revolutionized classified ad market as sellers can place an ad for free. All the ads are checked by its own quality control team.

Mr Arild is in no doubt that this site will facilitate every customer around the country and will continue to work for betterment of its compatibility with its users.

BDST: 1630 HRS, OCT 28, 2013

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