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Bangabandhu BPL and Bangladesh Cricket

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Update: 2019-11-28 12:59:27
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Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) is all set to organize BPL 2019 in a new format in next month December in a remodeled version dedicating it to Bangabandhu on his birth centenary to be observed in Bangladesh with due fervor and festivity.

There is no doubt that the dreamer and architect of the Bangladeshi nation deserves great respect and honor of all Bangladeshis RB or NRB. But we are not very sure organizing BPL a regular event of BCB and tagging Bangabandhu name to it is the right approach at a moment when the wounds of Bangladesh Cricket that it received from humiliating drubbing in the recent past test series in India is still fresh. Bangladesh tasted ignominious innings defeat within three days in both the test at Indore and Kolkata. The players failed to demonstrate any skill, technique, temperament and commitment.  The tests were part of ICC World test championship. In January 2020 Bangladesh is due play tests against Pakistan in Pakistan. With BPL being played in December how Bangladesh would prepare for that all important test series? How purpose the foreign recruits dominated BPL would serve to Bangladesh cricket?

We thought BCB would make proper post mortem of India tour disaster, plan appropriate actions and implementation strategies for developing a nucleus of the team for playing test cricket. The players those would appear in tests for Bangladesh in the scheduled test series over the next two years should have been separated and taken for longer term preparation in congenial atmosphere. It seems BCB is unconcerned and can care less what may happen to the fate of Bangladesh team in the upcoming test matches.

BPL 2019 will be different than usual. The erstwhile franchise will not exist at least for this term. BCB directors and officials would be in charge.  There could not be meeting of minds between BCB and franchise on the BCB proposed revised format. We are not sure what prompted BCB doing that? BCB has scheduled two matches between Asia XI and International XI in any case in 2020 dedicating these to the memory of Bangabandhu. Hence there was no pressing need for tagging Bangabandhu name with BPL.

All are aware that leading all rounder Shakib will not be available for any form of competitive cricket till October 2020. TamimIqbal after a long lay off needs playing some longer version cricket.

Bangladesh also need to try some players for the test team who are performing consistently in domestic cricket. Bangladesh also need its players practice on hard, grassy and bouncy wickets. Pakistan possess some high quality pace bowlers no less capable than Ishant, Yadav and Shami. If Bangladesh players are not prepared similar ignominy if not worse would await for them in the upcoming test series against Pakistan. The exposure of some Bangladeshi cricketers in some matches of BPL may not come to any use.

BCB President talked about fresh plan and advised all to wait two to three months for that. What is that plan? Every person having knowledge of Bangladesh cricket suggest for overhauling domestic format of competitive cricket. BCB President thinks otherwise. He blames competence of cricketers. But how the cricketers would achieve competence for playing against top international cricketers on sporting wickets if they continue playing on low slow dry wickets? System creates and nurses players. Is it not the job of BCB providing that?

There was a time when India also had poor quality for playing against quality fast bowling on fast bouncy wickets. Even during days of SM Gavasakar only him and Gundappa Biswanath were only exception. India itself relied heavily on is spin squad. One KapilDev changed the show. India started developing pace bowlers creating MRF foundation and bringing pace bowling Icon Denis Lillee. Now India also set up some sporting wickets in different venues. Ranji Trophy and Dulleep Trophy are now being played mostly on sporting wickets. World now see how Indian Cricket has changed.

India introduced IPL and India can afford doing that as they have some of the richest business Icons, Bollywood Industry and what not. India has immensely benefited from IPL. Compared to that what has Bangladesh gained from BPL excepting the evil culture of match fixing and betting?

We hope BCB and Bangladesh government would come to realization soon. Bangladesh cricket needs extensive soul searching. Government must listen to veteran cricket organizers. BCB needs genuine cricket organizers. Domestic cricket needs proper structure. First class cricket needs representative regional character. Grounds and wickets needs to be sporting giving equal opportunity for bowlers and batsmen. Age group cricket must be intensively monitored. Talent hunting and nourishing must have a proper plan.

One or two organization, one or two clubs must not be given freedom to dominate a national game. Business as usual will hasten the demise of cricket.

BPL type cricket is also destroying social fabric. People in general indulge in betting even in remote corner of the country. Innocent persons loose all in gambling.  Government must be concerned. Bangabandhu’s name must not have been tagged with such an event.

BDST: 1258 HRS, NOV 28, 2019

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