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Bobby Hajjaj for damaging Bangladesh-India relations

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Update: 2020-06-17 16:54:48
Bobby Hajjaj for damaging Bangladesh-India relations

Bobby Hajjaj, a self-proclaimed politician suffering from an identity crisis, has engaged in a deep-rooted conspiracy to damage friendly relations between Bangladesh and India.

Hajjaj, son of war criminal and controversial businessman Moosa Bin Shamsher, has been continuously issuing statements against Indian president, prime minister, cabinet members and important leaders.

Out of an inherent love for anti-liberation party Jamaat, he is believed to be maligning the image of the person at the helm of state affairs and other policymakers.
Following the execution of top leaders of Jamaat and order of the apex court, the party is virtually non-existent. In the recent past, a top leader also resigned from the party for not apologizing for wartime crimes.

However, Bobby appears to have taken a futile stand to rescue sunken Jamaat through various activities.

Historically, India is the closest neighbour and best friend of Bangladesh. It extended all-out supports to the freedom-loving people during the country’s war against Pakistan in 1971.

Since then the two countries have been working for mutual interest.

Dhaka-Delhi relations have epitomized bilateral relations which are crucial to geopolitical, economic and other important global equations.

In political polarization, people who are affiliated with and blind supporters of anti-liberation party Jamaat, dislike and criticize India.
Hajjaj has chosen the dirty path of weakening the regional unity and putting country and its people in the most vulnerable situation.

He is spreading anti-Indian rumour at a time when all countries have vowed to fight the corona crisis through concerted efforts.

Hajjaj is trying his level best to hit the altar of trans-boundary unity, especially friendly relations between Dhaka and New Delhi.

In a Facebook comment, he says “Say No to Modi! Everybody is invited to join the nationalist and democratic youth movement against the elimination of Muslims by the Indian government.”

Indian President Ram Nath Kovind through a Presidential order has evoked the special status to Muslim majority Jammu and Kashmir, he said in another statement.

Hajjaj continues to blame BJP government for persecuting Muslims in various ways, including NRC which deprives many Muslims of Indian citizenship.

In an instigating Facebook post, he blamed the Awami League government for failing to resolve the Rohingya crisis and criticized India and China for playing the role of silent spectators.

Bobby Hajjaj, who sometimes works for a private university, tries to instigate its students to wage movement against Awami League government.

He implants hatreds and venom of communalism in the mind of students and other youths by his Facebook and YouTube posts.

“We will march towards Indian border and wage violent protest,” he said.

Constitution of Bangladesh speaks about the promotion of international peace, security and solidarity. Since independence, the country has stressed its principle of "Friendship towards all, malice towards none." As a member of the Non-Aligned Movement, it tends to maintain neutral and friendly bilateral relations with all countries, including India.

But Hajjaj is frustrating the country’s bid to go ahead with its constitutional principle.

Jealous of unlimited popularity of the present government, he is also making inconstant and insensible statements in Facebook and other social media to tarnish the country’s image to fulfill his hidden agenda.

Source: daily sun

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