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Trump’s speech at UN and upcoming Pandora Boxes

Update: 2017-09-24 04:55:47
Trump’s speech at UN and upcoming Pandora Boxes

Selina Shireen Sikder: President Trump in his first meeting address the UN assembly. Unlike other leaders there is a harsh voice in his speech at UN. He called President of North Korea Kim Jong-un as “Rocket man”. Trump clearly said “Rocket man is on a suicide mission” (BBC, 2017). He threatens North Korea "totally destroy North Korea" if the US and its allies were forced defend themselves (CNN, 2017). He called some countries as 'rogue regimes'. These are Iran, Syria and Venezuela. But he did not say a single word about Myanmar situation. Other part of his speech he expresses his wish to use the world forum for international collaboration, and as his priority “America First”, at that time he did not talks about climate change (Guardian, 2017), which is really an emergency issue to talk about.

What Trump’s speech all about? Should we assume United States is engaging to a war? Does he justify the attack to North Korea in the UN assembly? What’s going on in North Korea? Syria? Iran? And Venezuela? Why there is no word when the world focuses on Arakanstate  (Rakhine) massacre in Myanmar?

“Rocket man”in North Korea: The Korean peninsula was divided after World War Two and the communist North developed into a ‘Stalinesque’ dictatorship.

Just about totally disconnected on the global stage, North Koreanleaders say nuclear abilities are its just impediment against an outside world looking for on obliterate and destroyit(BBC, 2017).

“Rogue Regimes” and Iran, Syria and Venezuela: President trump has long convicted the nucleardeal finished up under previous President Obama. In April 2017, trump informed Congress that Iran might have been genuinely consenting the arrangement. With no definite conclusion with respect to as much more extensive Iran policy, those White house needed wanted with give business as usual stand for an alternate three months. So, as much organization needs to July 2017, Trump’s organization advised congress to a second duration of the time that Iran may be consenting with the nuclear bargain. Also, might stay with enjoying authorizes relief, indeed as it demanded would might face results to breaching "the spirit" of the bargain(Chicago Tribune, 2017).

The arrangement struck by Obama and other world leaders, Iran agreed to move back its nuclear program — long suspected of being aimed at creating nuclear weapons — as a byproduct of billions of dollars in endorsements relief. The deal does not address global concerns about Iran's non-nuclear exercises, yet in addition doesn't prevent the U.S. and others from punishing Iran for those action. Iran remains on the State Department's list of country patrons of terrorism of anti-Israel clusters(Chicago Tribune,2017).

Scuttling the deal would put further distance between Trump and foreign leaders who are already upset over his move to withdraw from the Paris global climate change accord. Other powers that brokered the nuclear deal along with the U.S. have said there's no appetite for renegotiating it (Chicago Tribune,2017).

Hit and hit back: North Korea's Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho officially response to the speech. He called US President Trump's speech as "the sound of a barking dog".

President Hassan Rouhani of Iran has used a speech to the UN General Assembly to hit back at Donald Trump over the US president's criticisms of his country and its 2015 nuclear deal (BBC, 2017).

In inauguration speech to the UN on Tuesday, President Trump included Iran among a "small group of rogue states". He described the nuclear deal as an "embarrassment" to the United States. Mr Rouhani responded by referring to a "rogue newcomer to international politics". He denied his country would be the first to violate the agreement but said Iran would "respond decisively and resolutely to its violation by any party". It would be a "great pity", he added, if the agreement were to be destroyed by President Trump(BBC, 2017).

United States and North Korea showdown. Couple of countries have been rehearsing Militarism in order to assert Militarization. It can be linked with recent ongoing ethnic-cleansing and Rakhine-Muslim-genocide in Myanmar or in another way around.
It does not matter whether other countries agreeing, however, since 1947 United States is one of the top self-inspired country that follows Truman’s doctrine and has been fighting against poverty and misery, working for technological development, taking care of public health, peace keeping and stability of the world.

Reflection of the world leaders: The world leaders reflected that Trump sounds rough, self-centered when he said that ‘America first’, and every nation should fight for United States and American sovereignty. Trump said that everyone should respect laws and borders. One of the leader give an opinion to BBC by saying that “his speech is not organized and very funny, because we were in the United Nations” (BBC, 2017).

This speech can be a strategy to get attention from the world forum. President Trump was a television personality. If he wants he can deliver more polite speech. It seems that to emphasize on some countries as 'rogue states'' including to attract ‘selective attention’ on ‘Rocket man’ issue, he uses a creative speech with unusual voice.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted that he had never heard a "bolder or more courageous speech" in his time at the UN (CNN, 2017).

President Trump able to attracts the attention of the world forum and general people of the globe. This hit and hit back process seems abargain about nuclear deal, well-being of United States and the sustainability of arms industry and at the same time the stability of the world, which is looking for an international cooperation.

However, this time decision making of the United State should unlike anopening the Iraqi Pandora box, which generates many complicated problems and spread the nuisanceas the result of unwise interference in Shia Sunni in Iraq. If history repeats when deal with the issues, bunch of new Pandora boxes can be open up, before stop the effect of Iraqi Pandora box.

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