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Three poems of Rishika Jabeen

Update: 2014-01-01 07:47:09
Three poems of Rishika Jabeen

One Day The Star Will Rise Once Again

One day the star will rise once again,
The cloud-sea will have huge waves,
There will be the kingdom of clouds and a flying Pegasus,
There will be many rainbows in the sky.
In the night, the sky will twinkle with many stars.  
The sky will be colorful like a shaded planet.
On that day, I will travel in the deep peaceful clouds.
That day you will twinkle like a star,
You will fly with the key of happiness,
All will shine like blue stars.
Life is like a tree,
Sometimes it falls like a dry leaf.
But the trees forget their sorrow,
As they will grow once more,
And you will also rise once again.    

Imagine the Nature

When that time will come again,
Mind says and eyes imagine,
The picture of the nature is always struck in my eyes,
The vehicles just imagine they are shapes of hilly areas.
When I heard the horns of the vehicles,
I just remember it is the chirp of insects.
When I see the mud in the road,
I just remember the sparkling water.
When I saw some artificial flower,
I just think this is the natural stunning flower.
When I can smell the sticky smell from the road,
I just remember it is the sweet fragrance of the innate flower.
When anyone takes water from the jugs,
I just imagine it is the waterfall and its hum.
When the clear glass shines,
I just think the clear crystal is sparkling.
When streetlights are on,
I remember that they are big green trees with glow worms.
Thus I forget the misery of loss of natural things,
Now where`s the frosty air, or bright stars?
I always found only the street lights,
Time is going on, they are dying,
And now my heart is hunkering for the true nature.

Always listen to your heart

Always listen to your heart,
Listen what your heart is telling,
The rose plant can give some roses,
But it can`t give some golden showers,
The rabbit can run fast but it can`t sing,  
Birds can`t swim but they can fly and sing,
Always trust at yours appetite of talent,
Trust yourself, believe your talent,
Who knows when your future will be raised once again?
You can focus at your creativity,
Open the door of your heart,
Let it come and explore the aptitude,
Parents will give the right path but they can`t build you,
Let the magic and power come out from your heart,
The message that comes from your heart, consider it encouraging force
Forget your past, build your future,
Take a bath at present and explore the talent,
Always listen to your heart when it`s time for good works.  

Rishika Jabeen
Std.-V student
Heed Int`l School (Mirpur Br)

BDST: 1840 HRS, JAN 01, 2013

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