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Migration to US from Bangladesh low despite eligibility, opportunity

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Update: 2018-03-03 10:00:48 AM
Migration to US from Bangladesh low despite eligibility, opportunity
American attorney Dilli Raj Bhatta addressing the press

DHAKA: The number of skilled migration from Bangladesh to the United States of America and also the volume of remittance earned from there every year are significantly lower than those from other South Asian countries. 

American attorney Dilli Raj Bhatta, while talking to the reporters also said, “As Bangladeshis have good skills and backgrounds of quality education, they are eligible to comply with requirements for migration to the US.” 

The founding member of Bhatta Law & Associates was delivering his presentation on ‘Bangladesh-USA Immigration: Challenges and Opportunities’ at the conference room of Bangladesh Pratidin on Saturday (March 3). 

Of the 18,000 Green Card recipients from Bangladesh, over 17,000 were from family petitions, only 653 were employment based in the 2016 fiscal year. In employment based or skilled migration, 20,747 were from India, 1,386 from Nepal and 1,992 came from Pakistan in the same fiscal year. 

As per data from World Bank, Bangladesh receives USD 452m as remittance from the United States, while India receives USD 10,657m and Nepal receives USD 314m. 

Nepal, the country of 29 million people, now earns remittance nearly double comparing to that of Bangladesh which has 160 million population.

In South Asia, skilled people from only two countries including Bangladesh can avail the opportunity to get permanent resident-ship along with family under EB1 visa category.

Only 91 in 2017, 75 in 2016 and 64 in 2015 were granted EB1 from Bangladesh. Considering the size of Bangladesh, this is the most under-utilized criteria, the attorney said. 

EB1 is one of the groups in the first preference category of employment-based immigration, which benefits Bangladeshi nationals, who are qualified in the science, arts, education, business and athletics. 

Professors, researchers, journalists, reporters, editors, singers, dancers, actors/actresses, authors, national players (cricketers, soccer players, boxers, karate etc), business persons, photographers, painters, fashion designers, models, producers, cinematographers and makeup artists can apply under the category if they can meet any of the 3 out of 10 requirements and intends to work in the field of their specialization. 

Bangladeshis need to apply for visas properly, nothing else, he pointed out. 

US Embassy in Bangladesh does not reject the applications of Bangladeshis if those are genuinely submitted. 

Simultaneously, there is no reason to deny students of Bangladesh getting US visa under F1 category, if they align their documents properly, the immigration attorney added. 

The education system in the country is quite well as people from different countries come here to study on many disciplines. So why students of Bangladesh won't get visa of the US, he asked.

If the number of migration of students and skilled people increase, the remittance will increase automatically. These people with their experiences may return home and do something for the betterment of Bangladesh in the future, he hoped.

The US is eagerly waiting to receive skilled people from other parts of the world and there is no reason to discourage Bangladeshis in this regard, he reiterated.

Whether the Trump government’s attitude will affect the overall migration process for Bangladeshis, he replied that as the system remains as it was, people of Bangladesh can spontaneously carry out their process for migrating to the United States of America.

Nothing is changed, he concluded.

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