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Tips to safeguard your health in monsoon

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Update: 2018-07-08 6:16:08 AM
Tips to safeguard your health in monsoon
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Rainy season allows you to experience beautiful moments like playing in the rain, the smell of the wet soil, watery sky and dancing in the rain. But, it is important that you must take extra care of your health as this season also invites many health problems.


Avoid getting wet in the rain: Mostly people get wet in the rain intentionally or unintentionally. As much as it is enticing, walking in the rain makes you inclined to viral ailments as well. Rainwater is not good for health as it can cause cold and viral infection.

Avoid eating food street vendor: During monsoon, streets and road are full of water that increases the chances of germs to enter the food prepared by road vendors. The street vendors hardly take care of that food. Therefore you should avoid eating food from street vendors.

Avoid dirty and wet clothes: Wet and dirty garment helps in increasing the growth of germs. By wearing dirty and wet clothes you can get skin infection caused by bacteria and fungi.

Don’t touch your face with dirty hands: Do not touch your face with dirty hands because there are chances for flu, virus and germs to enter your body through nose, eyes, and mouth.

Stay away from mosquitoes: Mosquitoes, flies, and insect are also welcomed with the monsoon that can badly affect your body. Staying away from mosquitoes can protect you from malaria. Stay away from stagnant water where mosquitoes breed and other types microbial diseases can happen.


Eat healthy and balanced diet: It is an ideal approach to keep the nutrient in the body. By having a healthy diet your body will be nourished with proteins, vitamins that make the body strong to fight against infections. During rainy season you should eat green vegetables, fruits, and cereals.

When you get wet take shower immediately: Rainwater is not good for your body as it contains acid which can cause infections. Taking shower immediately after getting in the rain will protect your body from the harmful infections.

Dry clothes and footwear: During this season usually clothes do not get dry easily because the sky is covered with clouds and the sun shines very rarely. Even if the garments are slightly wet it can lead to microbial growth. Avoid wearing closed shoes as they hold water and makes your foot sodden. Wear waterproof shoes or open footwear.

Keep your home clean and pest free: Keeping your house clean is very important during rainy days. Always ensure that there is no water logging in your home because it can be a breeding place for mosquitoes and other harmful microbial infections. Use mosquito repellent to stay away from mosquitoes.

Always carry an Umbrella or raincoat so that you don’t get wet by rain during monsoon

Wash your hands regularly: Always make a habit of washing your hands frequently before and after eating food. Especially during monsoon wash your hand whenever you come from outside.

Drink only purified water: Monsoon is the time when you are more vulnerable to waterborne disease the risk of drinking contaminated water during the rainy season is very high. Many harmful microorganisms can enter your drinking water easily. Therefore you must have a water purifier in your home.

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