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Local software industry needs to expose capability in own market

Update: 2018-02-22 4:19:47 AM
Local software industry needs to expose capability in own market
Almas Kabir, President of BASIS

Bangladesh is a land of opportunity and the market is emerging. A remarkable development in ICT sector has been noticed in recent few years where BASIS contribution matters a lot. Government is also very much positive to develop this sector and it a good sign for the industry to grow. Bangladesh Software industry is exporting IT and ITES service in different country of the world that contributing our export revenue after the RMG sector. 

However the local market software is still not getting the customer response as it should be. And this is a challenge for the software industry for its further development.  BASIS soft expo-2018 is about to begin where the key objective of the arrangement is to demonstrate the local software capability and its strength as per the global standard.  We had an opportunity to talk with Almas Kabir, President of BASIS, regarding the local market development for software industry and the expo that shared below:

How much importance this arrangement will carry that you think for the development & marketing of software sector?
The main object of our arrangement this time is to exhibit the skill of our own software. Our aim is also to draw the attraction of the International market to display that we are producing world class software and also to attract the local consumers. This will create the confidence of both local and foreign customers for investment. The local customers still have less confidence and foreign attraction. We have arranged this fest to improve the local products as well as to display the skill of our manpower.

To earn confidence for services and manpower skill we have arrangements of exchange of knowledge and seminar and also there are technical sessions on modern ICT.

What kind of technology you are giving importance for selecting subject?

In this field, we are giving importance on modern and advanced technology namely machine learning, IOT, artificial intelligence and on robotics.  In the seminars, the main speakers will be from MIT, Facebook and other big organizations including Google. Besides, the existing marketing problem and its solutions will be discussed in the seminar. Alongside the new innovations and its application facilities will get highlights.

What is the big challenge of the software sector? How much importance it is getting in the exhibition?

Not only in the present time but the finance and investment (access to finance) is the main challenge for organizing capital. This matter is related to banking sector. In the present fest, we have ensured the participation of the banking sector. They will take part in different sessions. So that we can exchange views between banking sector and IT sector. However, let us tell about possibilities because the government has been giving importance on e-governance. For providing facilities to the citizens the use of technology is increasing. So there are ample chances of development of IT.

Who will be the discussants?

Actually this is a big fest in the software sector. We have tried to involve the policy makers of all relevant sectors.

Besides, people of the ministry, banking sector, Telecom, academy and so on have been involved. We have tried to involve the persons those who can face the financial problems of start up, venture capital or how the banking institutions consider all these, we have invited them so that the new generation can move forward by utilizing their experiences.

Are there any foreign organizations participating here?

Yes, some companies of Singapore are coming but their aim is to B2B than to exhibit products. They are giving importance to work with local companies through match meeting.

How much hopeful you are regarding the success of this festival?

The hopeful thing is that the local companies are showing eagerness to showcase their products. We have finished our stall allotment before the scheduled time. Many organizations are waiting. Due to accommodation shortage, we could not give stall to many intenders. Local companies are eager to expand the market which is important to industrial expansion. So I am very hopeful about this year’s exhibition.

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