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Mostafizur Rahman Sohel says

BASIS Soft Expo-2018 to demonstrate own capacity

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BASIS Soft Expo-2018 to demonstrate own capacity
Mostafizur Rahman Sohel, Convener of BASIS Software Expo -2018

DHAKA: The Bangladesh Software Information Services (BASIS) Soft Expo is a regular ICT showcasing of local software development and its potentials towards the people of the country and abroad. This year the expo is set to focus the excellence of local software products and services through its different arrangements, says Mostafizur Rahman Sohel, Convener of BASIS Software Expo -2018, in an interview.

The following is an excerpt of the interview with him regarding the expo arrangements:
What significance does the BASIS initiative have in developing the software sector and expanding market of the products?
The prime objective of BASIS expo this year is to demonstrate the capability of own software to attract the local and international markets. We need to expose our skill and strength to offer world class software where this Expo can play an important role like the earlier expo. Our primary target is to portray the quality of our country’s software and the efficiency of our people in ICT towards the local and global gathering at the expo. That is exactly why we have tried out best to include relevant ministry, people and financial institutions so that they’ll get to know about our home-bred software and get inspired to use those.
22 out of 30 seminars will be focused on policymaking level to increase its potential. Different kinds of challenges of our software business along with its solutions are the focus topic for such seminars. Public procurement is a vital point in this regard. If it were mandatory to use native software for us on official level, the field will expand rather quickly.
Technology is an ever changing thing. We cannot afford to lag behind in this area as a country. Thus, we are trying to come up with new ideas in our fairs. Our theme for this time is ‘Design the Future’.

Considering the future and make the generation to ready we have also arranged ICT career camp during the expo. It will inspire the youngsters in order to step into the world of technology and build their careers in ICT. If all the mentioned goals reach their destination, all our efforts will be successful and thus, the whole thing will leave a quite significant mark in the development of software and its marketing.
Which technologies are getting the most consideration?

This time, we are mainly focusing on artificial intelligence, virtual reality, Augmantics reality, IOT and machine learning. We’re encouraging people to share and expand their knowledge on machine learning. We are happy to have invited a speaker to talk about the respective issue from MIT. Besides we also have the speakers from Google, Facebook to speak in the sessions.
What is the main attraction this time?
Frankly, BASIS is going to make this fest a different one. We are focusing on developing the market. Thus, attracting audiences and to expanding the concept of business to business (B2B) is our objective.

Inauguration will have a holographic display and that will entertain the audience.
How many institutions are participating in the business to business session?
Our previous success is our fuel for moving forward. 40 teams are going to participate from Europe. Business to business match making has more participants than before. Thus, we are expecting fruitful result.
Let us know about the budget and the sponsors this year.
It’s about 20 million this year. We’re not really comparing our sponsors. We have financial sponsors as well as sponsors who are contributing in telecommunication marketing. Bank Asia, Dutch Bangla Bank, Banglalink and many other are cooperating with us in this fest.
How many visitors are you expecting?
We are expecting at least 25-50% more visitors than last time. Nearly, one hundred and fifty thousand – that is our expected number of visitors.
As this is the first time you’re leading such an event, what challenges have you faced and how much you are confident of its success?
Even though it was first time, I did not have to face many challenges because everyone helped me at all times including the people from the industry.
I am really hopeful about this. We have operated activation programs in many educational institutions in order to include students. We wanted to encourage them as students and youngsters are our key to success. Media also has a great role to play in all this because media can spread the spirit and inspire people to participate.
Lastly, the support from our government was marvelous. Our government is technology friendly. And the Minister of technology has boosted up our courage. ICT state minister has been supporting us for so many years. Since so many souls were involved in the creation of this fest, all these efforts can never go in vain. Thus, maybe we’ll get results better than our own expectations.

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