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Teachers should think twice

Update: 2014-06-08 6:35:00 AM
Teachers should think twice

After a child is born, there are three things which influenced them the most. First, their parents and second, their teachers and third, the environment.

When the children becomes 4 years old and gets ready to go to school, a whole big duty arises to the teachers. A lot of things start to build on their young mind. In some cases, the kids spend more time with the teachers than with their parents.

A case study: Tasneem (Proxy name) is a 12 years old girl who just can not keep her mind in books. She has been already declared one of the C grade student by the teacher.

Tasneem loves science, she loves all the stories of discovery, the evolution and the invention.

She likes math in her way. But in her mind, math is sets of calculation with lots of beating and scold from her teachers unless she is right. The teachers in her school has made two categories of students where the brilliant ones are taken well care of and there is another special class for those who are so called “Not good students”. Two of the classes have different teachers and first one has even better ones.

Tasneem came out of the school as an average school student. Her little interest in science is no longer there any more. She hates study now. She hates to go to school.

School is nothing without teachers. And teaching is an art, a noble profession. But are we really taking care of the kids in the way they should have been?

There are no differences in human brain. A child who is a “C” category student can be a “A” category student tomorrow. We start judging them so fast by two or three exam results. It is so unfair to their brain.

June 2014 – 11:00 am

Now it’s the time for internet. Where half of the assignments are done in few minutes in google. Where a lot of math homework’s solution are already done. From my own experience, there are around millions of online courses which are available out there with much better explanation than what we learn in the school, college and universities.

There are even a lot online universities that a student can take part in. Example, A entire course takes only $30 which as more than 150 tutorial videos. And at the end you will be evaluated depends on your knowledge. If this things goes on for another 5 years, I do not mind keeping my kids at home and do home schooling.

Online courses like, Udemy, Udacity, Coursera ,TheKhanAcademy are making a big change in our life. You should try it too. Very soon the internet will take over the study system and it will be a hard task for the teachers to keep students in school.

Moreover, it is never only about studies. It is about teaching them the knowledge of rights, the knowledge of responsibility and humanity.

I am not accusing all the teachers. I am grateful to all those teachers out there who has put their teaching profession ahead of their life. Working hard day and night. Helping the nation to create proper disciplined pupil. I would like to thank them with honor and respect.

In conclusion, teachers should think twice in what they are teaching and how the students are grabbing the knowledge. A young immature mind is the a lot fertile than a grown up man/woman. Its our duty to nurture it in proper way.

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